2022年9月(111學年度)港澳暨僑外新生 - 入學前QA集






Dear new students,

We are very happy to welcome you into our warm and caring family, Soochow University.

Regarding soon coming to an unknown environment to pursue your studies, and at the same time with the prolongation of the world’s situation because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we can fully understand the concerns and uneasiness of both students and parents.

Because of this, to address the questions that everyone often has, we have prepared a Q&A, for everyone to use as reference, in hopes that it can reduce the feeling of uneasiness of both students and parents. The detailed information is as follows, please read carefully.

The information will be periodically updated, and the date of latest update will be noted. Please take note of this, thank you.


School administration


(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q1I’d like to know about the date the semester starts, registration, course selection and other important matters.

A1請參考「111學年度行事曆 2022-2023AcademicCalendar

中文版  https://web-ch.scu.edu.tw/regcurr/file/11502/10729

English https://web-ch.scu.edu.tw/regcurr/file/11502/10758

A1Please refer to the 2022-2023 Academic Calendar.


English https://web-ch.scu.edu.tw/regcurr/file/11502/10758



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q2When will I receive the 「Registration manual for new students

A2:碩博士班學生預計8月上旬以Email寄送,相關問題請洽註冊課務組黃錦君學姊  jjh@scu.edu.tw

學士班學生,預計7月底至8月上旬以Email寄送,相關問題請洽註冊課務組戴立明學長  liming@scu.edu.tw

A2Master’s students will receive an email sometime around the beginning of August. For further information please ask Ms. Huang from the Registration and Curriculum Division jjh@scu.edu.tw.

Bachelor’s students will receive an email sometime from the end of July to the beginning of August. For further information please ask Mr. Dai from the Registration and Curriculum Division liming@scu.edu.tw.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q3There a lot of activities in the academic calendar during the end of August for new students, what should I do in the case that by that time I’m still unable to enter the country or quarantining?


A3When that time comes, we’ll look into the pandemic and everyone’s entering the country situation, and all the administrative divisions in the school will turn them into online activities or postpone them. May we remind you that if the activity was originally online, (e.g., course selection), please proceed according to the original schedule.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q4When do I have to pay for the tuition fee? Can I do an international transfer or card payment online?


A4Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong & Macau and international students, all must pay for their tuition fee with cash, no international transfer or online card payment allowed.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q5Can I apply for a student loan?


A5No. According to the regulations, only Taiwanese students with registered permanent residence are allowed to apply for it. Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong & Macau and international students, if they have financial difficulties, they can apply for tuition payment in installments. For more information please refer to the website of our school’s Moral and Civil Education Center https://web-ch.scu.edu.tw/life/web_page/10523.



Dormitory information


(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q1I’d like to know about the school dorm’s environment, payment and other information.


中文網頁  https://web-ch.scu.edu.tw/housing/web_page/2547

A1Please refer to our school’s Student Housing Center’s website.

English website https://web-en.scu.edu.tw/housing/web_page/278





Q2When will I be able to apply for a dorm? How do I do it? Am I guaranteed to get a place in a dorm?


A2After the Student Housing Center opens the dorm application (around the end of July), the Office of International & Cross-Strait Academic Exchange will set up an online application form. We ask all Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong & Macau and international students to promptly fill out the form notifying the school whether they intend to apply for a dorm or not, so that the school can help them plan accordingly.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q3Can I choose my dorm? Who will I be living with?


  1. 學士班,所屬學系在雙溪校區者,以雙溪校區宿舍為優先。女生宿舍-柚芳、榕華;男生宿舍 -松勁
  2. 學士班,所屬學系在城中校區者,以合樂學舍為優先。
  3. 、博士班,以泉思學舍為優先。

A3You can’t choose your dorm. For choosing roommates, students from the same school will be prioritized. The rules for dorm distribution are as follows:

  1. Bachelor’s students, whose school department is in the Waishuangshi Campus, will be prioritized for the Waishuangshi Campus dorms.  Female students’ dorm-You Fang, Rong Hua; male students’ dorm-Song Jin.
  2. Bachelor’s students, whose school department is in the Downtown Campus, will be prioritized for the Ho Luck House.
  3. Masters’ and PhD students will be prioritized for the Chuan Szu House.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q4What kind of basic equipment do the dorm rooms have inside? What things do I need to prepare myself?


A4Basic equipment is as follows: individual bed, desk, wardrobe, desk lamp, cupboard, electric fan, air conditioning. Things you need to prepare yourself are as follows: quilt, pillow, mattress, slippers, locks and other personal belongings. Bedding and other large items can be acquired after arriving in Taiwan.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q5Can I apply for payment in installments for the accommodation fee?


A5Yes. For more related information you can refer to our school’s Student Housing Center website https://web-ch.scu.edu.tw/housing/file/2514?page=2



Entering Taiwan


(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q1When can I go to Taiwan?


A1We don’t know yet. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, overseas students must comply with the government’s policies regarding entering the country and quarantining. We need to wait until the Ministry of Education announces the opening of the borders for the 2022-2023 academic year new students, and then proceed according to the pertaining regulations. Please wait patiently.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q2What kind of procedures do I need to take care of before entering Taiwan? When will I receive an official document from the Ministry of Education? When do I need to start applying for my Taiwanese visa?


  1. 教育部公告開放111學年度新生入境
  2. 東吳大學向教育部函報各梯次錄取新生名單
  3. 等待教育部函覆名單核可
  4. 東吳大學收到教育部核可公文,email轉知各錄取新生教育部同時將核可名單函轉至各外館/辦事處
  5. 新生拿到教育部核可公文後,依各國規定預約至外館/辦事處申辯入台證(入台簽證)
  6. 取得入台證(入台簽證)的新生,請等待學校寄送email,通知可入境日期及該梯次人數,依照公告購買來台機票;如該梯次人數已額滿,請待下次公告再進行機票購買
  7. 東吳大學報送入境學生資料給教育部。
  8. 等待教育部核可後,發送入境許可證明,再由東吳大學email轉寄給學生,憑證入境

A2According to previous cases from the Ministry of Education, the process is as follows:

  1. The Ministry of Education announces the opening of the borders for overseas students.
  2. Soochow University sends the Ministry of Education a list of all the new students that were admitted.
  3. Wait until the Ministry of Education replies saying that they checked and ratified the list.
  4. After Soochow University receives the official document from the Ministry of Education, the document will be forwarded to all the admitted new students in an email. At the same time, the Ministry of Education will forward the name list to all the embassies and representative offices of Taiwan.
  5. After the new students receive the approved document from the Ministry of Education, according to each country’s regulation they will make an appointment at the embassy/representative office to apply for their visa to enter Taiwan.
  6.  As for the new students who obtained their visa to enter Taiwan, please wait for the school to send you an email, notifying you the day when you can enter Taiwan and the number of people allowed to enter the country for that batch of students. After notifying the school that they have already bought the plane ticket to come to Taiwan, if the number of people allowed for that batch of students reaches its limit, please wait until the next announcement in order to proceed with your ticket purchase. Do not buy your plane tickets until the school notifies you the day when you can enter Taiwan.
  7. Soochow University sends the information of the incoming new students to the Ministry of Education.

After the Ministry of Education approves it, and they send the permit of entry to Taiwan to us, we will forward it to the students.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q3How do I plan the itinerary from the airport to the quarantine hotel?


A3You are not allowed to use public transportation. You must take the quarantine taxidesignated by the airport staff and pay for the ride by yourself. From Taoyuan Airport to inner Taipei the fee will be within 1000 NTD.



(Date of latest update: 2022.06.27)


Q4As of now, how many days do I have to quarantine after entering Taiwan? Where will I be staying?



A4According to the regulations announced on May 6, 2022, by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, home quarantine lasts for 3 days. The day of arrival counts as day 0, and from day 4 on you must do self-initiated pandemic prevention for 4 days. On the 3rd night of home quarantine, you need to enter the quarantine hotel to carry out your self-initiated pandemic prevention. During your self-initiated pandemic prevention, you can’t enter the school campus.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q5Can I choose the quarantine hotel or does the school choose it?


A5In order to guarantee the students’ safety during the quarantine period, the school takes care of assigning the hotels.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q6About how much is the accommodation fee of the quarantine hotel?


A6Because there is a limited number of quarantine hotels in Taiwan, the hotels assigned each time are all different, and so we can’t tell you right now which hotel you will be staying at and the accommodation fee. The estimate is around 2300-2800 NTD per night, including three meals. It all depends on the cost of each hotel.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q7If I need to stay at a regular hotel, around how much is it?


A7The duration of stay at a regular hotel is 7 days for the self-health management. You need to arrange it according to your quarantine period. Right now, we can’t tell you which hotel you can stay at, or how much the fee is. The estimate is around 1200-1600 NTD per night, including breakfast or without meals. It all depends on the cost of each hotel.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q8What are the forms of payment for the quarantine hotel?


A8Some hotels may only accept overseas transfer in advance, in person card payment, or maybe only cash. After filling out the form (from A2 step 6), the accommodation will be arranged for you and you will be notified.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q9Does the Taiwanese government provide a quarantine subsidy?


A9As of now, the government only provides subsidy to holders of a valid Alien Resident Certificate. For more information, please refer to the official website of the Ministry of Health and Welfare https://covid19.mohw.gov.tw/ch/cp-5188-61209-205.html




Scholarships information


(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q1What scholarships can I apply for? Can I apply for them before starting school?


  1. 東吳大學學士班優秀僑生、港澳生暨外國學生入學獎學金http://icae.scu.edu.tw/zh-hant/node/1157
  2. 東吳大學學士班優秀僑生獎學金http://icae.scu.edu.tw/zh-hant/node/1156
  3. 教育部清寒僑生助學金http://icae.scu.edu.tw/index.php/zh-hant/node/1018
  4. 教育部博碩士優秀僑生獎學金http://icae.scu.edu.tw/index.php/zh-hant/node/1016
  5. 東吳大學優秀外國學生獎學金http://icae.scu.edu.tw/zh-hant/node/1158
  6. 東吳大學外國學生助學金http://icae.scu.edu.tw/zh-hant/node/1159
  7. 東吳大學獎勵馬來西亞學生助學金http://icae.scu.edu.tw/zh-hant/node/70

A1The main information about the scholarships our university provides to Hong Kong & Macau, Overseas Chinese and International students is as follows. All of them can be applied for after school starts. There are also other scholarships provided by outside organizations. Those will be announced after the university receives information about them from said organizations.

  1. Soochow University Outstanding Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong & Macau and International  Bachelor’s Degree Students admission scholarship http://icae.scu.edu.tw/zh-hant/node/1157
  2. Soochow University outstanding Overseas Chinese Bachelor’s Degree students scholarshiphttp://icae.scu.edu.tw/zh-hant/node/1156
  3. Ministry of Education stipend for Overseas Chinese students with financial difficultieshttp://icae.scu.edu.tw/index.php/zh-hant/node/1018
  4. Ministry of education Outstanding Overseas Chinese Master’s & PhD Degree students scholarshiphttp://icae.scu.edu.tw/index.php/zh-hant/node/1016
  5. Soochow University Outstanding Foreign Students Scholarshiphttp://icae.scu.edu.tw/zh-hant/node/1158
  6. Soochow University International Student Scholarshiphttp://icae.scu.edu.tw/zh-hant/node/1159
  7. Soochow University Malaysian students Encouragement Stipendhttp://icae.scu.edu.tw/zh-hant/node/70





(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q1Which students need to do school records verification?


A1Only the students that were admitted through our school’s individual student admission channel and foreign students school application channelneed to school records verification. Please consult with your respective country’s embassy/representative office.



Hong Kong region students’special case document verificationOther countries, if in the future they have related information, it will be updated as well.


Date: Every working day


Time: 9 am to 9:30 am


Location: Hong Kong, Wan Chai, Harbour Road # 18, Centra l Plaza 49F, Room 4907





預約方式:學生自行預約  https://www.surveycake.com/s/97oZP


Types of documents accepted for processing:

  1. School records, including graduation certificate, academic transcript, proof of leaving the school, certificate of studies, internship certificate.
  2. Certificate of registration to an event.
  3. Driving license.

Booking an appointment: students must do it themselves https://www.surveycake.com/s/97oZP








6)代理人(/) 之身份證正副本。(如適用)

7)代理人(/) 之關係證明正副本。(如適用)


Documents you need to prepare to do your school records verification

  1. Application form for document verification.
  2. Hong Kong permanent identity card, original and copy.
  3. Student ID, original and copy (for students who are still in school)   .
  4. Documents that need to be verified.
  5. Each document costs         120 yuan, prepare cash.
  6. Identity card, original and copy, of the person handling the matter (father/mother). (If applies)
  7. Proof of relationship of with the person handling the matter (father/mother), original and copy. (If applies)


*學歷如驗證副本,需經原校「證明真實(Certified True Copy)」並密封學校信封內。

- 畢業證書真實副本及成績單真實副本需蓋上校印及有經手人簽章

- 文件放於密封信封內

- 封口處需蓋上學校印章


*School records, if it’s a copy that’s being certified, it needs to be certified by the original school as aCertified True Copy)」 and be in a sealed envelope from said school.

- True copies of the graduation certificate and academic transcript must have the school’s stamp and a handwritten signature of the person handling the matter.

- Documents must be put inside a sealed envelope.

- The envelope’s flap must have the school’s stamp.



Frequently asked Q&A

1. 學生應提供正本或真實副本?

https://www.surveycake.com/s/97oZP 中有一張圖,已經匯整好收件規格及要求。請同學詳閱。

1.Students should provide an original document or a certified true copy?

https://www.surveycake.com/s/97oZP there’s a picture in the middle, with the specifications and requirements for accepting documents already collected and organized. Please read carefully.


2. 學生想驗證其他文件可以嗎?

應與就學相關為原則,並需先傳電郵至 student@tecos.org.hk 獲核准。



2.If the students want to certify other documents, can they do it?

In principle, they should prioritize the documents related to going to school, and must first send an email to   student@tecos.org.hk  to obtain authorization.



(Date of latest update: 2022.06.06)


Q2Which students that already turned 20 must apply for a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC)before coming to Taiwan?


A2Students from the Hong & Macau, if they already turned 20, they must apply for a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC).


Little reminder】「Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC)is a required document for applying for analien resident certificateafter coming to Taiwan. The Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC)must be valid for at least three months. Please pay attention to the application time of the alien resident certificate after coming to Taiwan, in order to avoid having an ineffective certificate because of expiration.




Hong Kong students Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC) recommendation letter applicationFor the Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC) application letter, please go to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office from 9-11 am, walk-ins are allowed for this. Please prepare these documents:

1. Hong Kong identity card, original and copy.

2. Admission letter with the document number of the Ministry of Education.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q3Which students, before applying for a visa to enter Taiwan in their home countries, must complete and obtain a health inspection report?


A3Except for students from Hong Kong & Macau, all students must complete and obtain a health inspection report before applying for their visa to come to Taiwan. If Hong Kong & Macau students possess a different country’s passport, like the UK or Portugal, etc., they must also complete and obtain a health inspection report.


Little reminderThe health inspection report  often has a validity of only three months. Please obtain it according to your time of applying for your visa, in order to avoid having an ineffective certificate because of expiration.



(Date of latest update: 2022. 06.27)


Q4Which students must submit to a health inspection after coming to Taiwan, before applying for an alien resident certificate?


A4Hong Kong & Macau students must first submit to a health check-up,and after obtaining the results, they can apply for their alien resident certificate. The Office of International Affairs Center will, in principle, help the students make an appointment and take them to the hospital for their health check-up. When that time comes, if the Office and the students can’t arrange a time, they can also do the procedure by themselves.



(Date of latest update: 2022.05.19)


Q5Before school starts, I’d like to know more about Soochow University. How could I do this?


A5Below are the QR codes for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, of the Office of International & Cross-Strait Academic Exchange, so you can follow them and subscribe.