Successful Conclusion to the 2018 Academic Year Second Semester Welcome Ceremony for Exchange Students

This semester’s Welcome Ceremony for Exchange Students, hosted by the ICAE, was held the evening of Feb. 18, 2019 at 6:30 PM in the First Academic Building at the Waishuangxi Campus.


In a joint undertaking by Vice President Bau-Tscheng Dung, Dean of International & Cross-Strait Academic Exchange Shih-Ho Wang, General Secretary Shu-Fang Wang, Director of School of Extension Education Jei-Zheng Wu, Deputy Dean of Chinese Language Center Kent Wang, Director of International Affairs Center Fu-Sheng Shih, Director of Cross-Strait Affairs Center Yu-Mei Wang, in addition to Guangdong University of Finance & Economics Professor Tu Siyi, Fuzhou University Professor Zhang Xudong, Fujian Normal University Professor Zou Wenxing, Shanghai University of Electric Power visiting scholar Professor Wang Senbo, and Shanghai University of International Business and Economics visiting scholar Professor Yu Xiangfang, they together welcomed students from 13 countries around the world including France, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, and Spain. In all, over 250 foreign exchange students studying at SU attended, contributing to a grand scene full of warm and meaningful interactions. In addition to expressing their welcome to the students, they encouraged students to obtain many study and life experiences while in Taiwan to expand their horizons and outlook, mix into the local Taiwanese customs, cherish life as an exchange student for a semester.


The ICAE also presented each foreign student attendee with two welcome gifts: an SU extendable business car/ID holder and a stylish notebook. Each was selected to be of practical use and were a hit with students. The theme of the welcome ceremony coincided with the next day’s Lantern Festival, with local customs such as lantern riddle games and ample servings of tangyuan for attendees to eat. The event not only made it easier for the exchange students to become fast friends, but it also helped in their mixing in with the SU proven by the happiness and laughter heard through its successful conclusion.


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