Health Insurance

Foreign Students’ National Health Insurance

According to the National Health Insurance Law Article 10 - 2, and Article 11,the ARC holders must register in the National Health Insurance. after living in Taiwan for four months

  1. Regisration and Payment of the Premiums:
    Overseas Chinese students or foreign students’ every 6-month national health insurance fees are included in the tuition fees.

    For international students: The monthly payment is NTD826.
    For Chinese overseas students: Pay for NTD413 on their own and the other NTD 413 will be supported by Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission
  2. Coverage Time: Fall Semester : September to February. Spring Semester : ( March to Auaugst)
    Note: New arrivals will participate in the National Health Insurance from Janauary. The first six months ( September to December) will be covered by students.
  3. Refund and Withdrawal: students who will leave Taiwan because of graduation, suspension, or drop out , should pass back the National Health Insurance IC card and apply for the withdrawal and the refund of the remaining months premiums no later than 10 days before departure.
  4. Medical Service: Bring your health insurance IC card and ARC to any contracted health care institution ( identified by the National Health Insurance logo in their doorways) to be treated under the health insurance program