Application Procedures

Important Dates


If you are applying for…



Fall semester

April 1st

May 1st

Spring semester

October 1st

November  1st

Arrival Date

September 10, 2020 (All exchange students are required to arrive at least 1 day before Orientation.)

Airport Pick-up Service

Free pick-up service from the airports (TPE/TSA) to are available for students residing at on-campus dormitories. If you will live in the dorms and would like to join the pick-up service, please arrive between 10:00~17:00 on the date indicated. Dormitory check-in service won't be available until the airport pick-up day. If you plan to arrive prior to the dormitory check-in date, you will need to look for temporary accommodation outside campus.

Fall 2020 airport pick-up service: September 10, 2020


September 11, 2020


Semester Date




Fall semester



Spring semester



2019-20 Academic Calendar:

Required Documents

Step 1


Application Documents

Please upload the following documents by deadline.

  1. Application form (with a 2” photo attached);
  2. An official transcript from home university (all prior to the exchange);
  3. A photocopy of passport;
  4. A study plan & Statement of purpose;
  5. Certification of nomination from the home university; and
  6. A passport-size photo for registration procedure.
  7. Fall 2020:

Admission Documents

Please provide the following documents AFTER your application is approved. 

1. Health Certificate- An original copy of completed Health Certificate (Valid for 3 months before the entry date):

​​​​​​2. Insurance- Medical and accident insurance are MANDATORY for all incoming exchange students. Students are requested to join the medical and accident insurance plan as recommended by SU. Students will be asked to purchase the insurance plan on the day of Orientation:

  • Medical Insurance: NT$2,500 for 5 months (NT$500 per month)​​
  • Accident Insurance: NT$ 850 for 5 months (NT$170 per month) *Prices are subject to change without notice.



Factsheet for Fall 2020