Cross-Strait Affairs Center


Ms. Yu-Mei Wang, Director

Extention: 5371

  • Overall planning, coordinating and management of Cross-Strait Affairs Center.

Deputy: Mr. Kehbow SU (Ext: 5361)
amy lu

Ms. Yu-mei Chen

Extention: 5372

  • Managing all agreements between SU and partner institutions in Mainland China
  • Handling all issues concerning degree-holders from China (Undergraduate students), including orientation, events, counseling and scholarships.

Deputy: Ms. Sophia WU (Ext. 5376)

Ms. Sophia Wu

Extention: 5376

  • Handling all issues concerning specialized programs for students from Mainland China.
  • Helping with issues concerning SUSIS volunteers, including recruiting, training and events planning.

Deputy: Ms. Yu-Mei CHEN (Ext. 5372)

Ms. Chia-Jung LIN

Extention: 5375

  • Receiving visitors and scholars.
  • Managing the funds for studying in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau
  • Compiling all official documents, including both internal and external documents.

Deputy: Mr. Andre YU (Ext. 5372)

Mr. Andre YU

Extention: 5374

  • Handling all issues concerning exchange students from Mainland China.
  • Handling all issues related to Soochow Academic Summer Camp.
  • Outbound exchange coordinator.
  • Planning promotional brochures and maintaining ICAE website.
  • Coordinating SU participation in cross-strait educational exhibitions.

Deputy: Ms. Chia-Jung LIN (Ext. 5375)