How to be an exchange student of SU?

You need to be a nominated student from our partner university and will be enrolled in your home university during the exchange period.

Whar documents should I prepare for the application?

  • Certificate of Nomination from home university
  • Official transcripts from home university (all prior to the exchange)
  • A photocopy of passport information page
  • Study plan (statement of purpose in Mandarin or English)
  • A passport-size photo


When should I arrive Taiwan for the exchange program?

You are recommended to arrive Taiwan on Thursday one week before the semester starts. Normally, we will have pick-up services on that day. The next day (Friday), there will be an orientation held one week before the course starts. All the exchange students are required to attend it.



SU has two campuses in Taipei, Waishuanghsi (School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, School of Big Data Management, School of Science, School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, and Chinese Language Center) and Downtown campus (School of Business and School of Law). It takes about 40-50 minutes (depends on the traffic) to travel between the two campuses by public transportation.        


Scholarship Opportunities

Unfortunately, we do not offer any scholarships for exchange students so far.


Course Registration

Exchange students will be able to register their courses upon arrival, during the beginning first and a half week of the semester. The students will receive a course selection form on the orientation day. The students will need to bring the form to the office of the department which provides the course they'd like to sign up for and get the stamp. Finally, students will need to turn in the form to the International Affairs Center at the designated time in order to to complete course registration. *Please note: you must remain flexible as courses are never guaranteed due to unmet prerequisites, over-capacity, time conflicts and class cancellations.


Credit System

1 SU credit = about 18 teaching hours=2-3 ECTS (for reference only)

*Please consult with home university for details on the number of credits that can be transferred.


Course Regulations

Exchange students can register for  maximum of 25 SU credits per semester during the exchange. Students are free to choose courses across faculties, but please consult with home university regarding requirements and regulations.