Soochow University and Bond University signed a student exchange agreement to promote international academic cooperation.

On April 16, 2024, Soochow University and Bond University in Australia jointly signed a student exchange agreement, with President Chyan-Long Jan of Soochow University and Vice President Ms. Cheryl Jolliffe of Bond University signing on behalf of their respective institutions. This agreement aims to promote international academic cooperation, continuing the tradition of student exchanges between the two universities and providing students with a broader academic platform and developmental opportunities.

The signing ceremony took place at the downtown campus of Soochow University, with attendees including President Chyan-Long Jan, Prof. Hsu-Chi Wang (Dean of Academic Exchange, Prof. Jinshyang Ruan (Dean of the School of Business), Prof. Chin-Hsiung Hsu (Dean of the School of Big Data Management), , Prof. Shin-Yi Huang from the Law School, Director Keh-Bow Su, and Deputy Director Helga Chuang from the International Affairs Center of Soochow University. Bond University was represented by Vice President Ms. Cheryl Jolliffe, responsible for international affairs, and Manager Ms. Siyu Wang.

President Jan expressed in his welcome speech that the sisterhood between Soochow University and Bond University, established in 2006, initiated academic exchanges and cooperation between the two universities. The student exchange program launched in 2011 has further strengthened the foundation of academic exchange and cooperation between the two institutions. Through the renewal of the student exchange agreement, both universities deepen their understanding and experience of international academic cooperation. The exchange program provides students with opportunities for international mobility, allowing them to study on each other's campuses, immerse themselves in diverse cultures, enhance their international perspectives, and improve their cross-cultural communication skills, better preparing them to meet the demands of a globalized society.

Vice President Ms. Cheryl Jolliffe thanked Soochow University for the arrangements and pointed out the many commonalities in academic pursuits between the two private universities. Both institutions are committed to promoting cross-cultural exchanges and cultivating students' global citizenship awareness. She emphasized the increasing importance of international cooperation in today's interconnected world, stating that the renewal of the agreement is not only a continuation of cooperation between the two universities but also holds significant importance in nurturing outstanding talents with international competitiveness and global perspectives.

In addition to signing the student exchange agreement, the event also involved in-depth discussions on joint cooperation between the business schools, schools of big data management, and law schools of both universities. Whether through 4+1 bachelor's-master's double degree programs or 1+1 master's double degree programs, the aim is to provide students with the highest quality development opportunities.