Soochow Co-Site Set to Encourage Innovation and Entrepreneurship

On May 11th, Soochow Co-Site, a platform aiming to breed and nurture entrepreneurial creativity, was officially open at Entertainment Plaza of Soochow University’s Downtown Campus.

Soochow Co-Site was founded by Soochow University and Doers Education Group, a prestigious educational institution whose office branches have spread across Asia and Canada. It is a training platform that provides international start-up internship to students with novel ideas. Soochow’s student interns may get connected to Doers Education Group’s abundant resources around China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and well step out of their comfort zone to start up their entrepreneurial ideas in the international stage.

President of Soochow University Wei-Ta Pan stated in the opening ceremony that every start-up is based on innovation and creativity, which are also the characteristics that students are expected to possess in today’s world. Therefore, he hoped the establishment of Soochow Co-Site will open up more possibilities for students. Pan also mentioned that different from other universities focusing on the incubation of start-up teams, Soochow Co-Site puts more emphasis on fostering creativity and innovation and developing students’ entrepreneurship in the future.

Wei-Hsien Lin (Wilson Lin), Chairman of Doers Education Group, also an alumnus of SCU’s Department of Financial Engineering and Actuarial Mathematics, said that innovative ideas of numerous outstanding entrepreneurs were bred during their student life or college days, which is the reason why Doers Education Group are here to help students carry out their dreams. Lin also gave his thanks to President Pan for giving him the opportunity to contribute to and cooperate with his alma mater with this creativity-fostering project. The president of SCU’s Student Association Chung-Hsin Chan presented a bouquet to Lin to express students’ gratitude for Lin’s dedication to the school.

The Director of Soochow Co-Site Hsueh-Liang Fan mentioned that compared with Taiwanese students, students in other countries have more courage to pursue originality and to be different. Hence, Soochow Co-Site vows to offer more opportunities to encourage students’ brainstorming of creative entrepreneurial ideas by providing a series of related courses and workshops to stimulate their creative thinking and practice, and creating a start-up friendly environment.