Inbound Short-term Programs

Here at Soochow University we proudly provide diverse short-term programs during summer. Our educational programs encourage intellectual exploration of the highest academic quality, with a fantastic opportunity to strengthen students’ comprehension of Taiwanese society and to enhance their global perspective while learning beyond the classroom by exploring the cultural diversity in Taiwan.

The Soochow Academic Camp(溪城講堂) represents one of the biggest cross-strait summer programs in Taiwan, with various course options, and over 1,000 students having enrolled since 2013. Designed for students from SU’s partner institutions in China, it is a four-week summer program focusing on cross-strait academic exchange. It offers interactive and intensive small-scale courses in different subjects, field trips, and a 5 day/4 night Formosa tour. Unlike the semester exchange program, it is a short-term package that combines a three-credit course and off-campus instructional activities.

For non-Chinese-speaking students, SU launched another Summer Camp focused on Mandarin Chinese learning. This program helps students enhance their Mandarin Chinese proficiency through a lively curriculum. Participating students can not only acquire new language skills but also experience the unique mixture of Taiwan’s hybrid and robust culture.

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