🔶 申請表單:

Soochow University Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship Issuance Guidelines

🔴 一、申請資格:
(一) 就讀本校一學期以上之外國學生且具正式學籍者。
(二) 大學部:前學期至少修習九(含)學分且學業成績總平均八十分以上、操行成績八十五分以上者。
(三) 未獲各政府機關之「台灣獎學金」者。

Application requirements:
1. A foreign student having studied at Soochow University (SU) at least one semester and being formally listed in the student rolls of the university.
2. Undergraduate students: Shall have earned at least 9 credit units, have earned an average grade score of at least 80 in his or her academic performance and an average behavioral conduct score of at least 85 during the previous semester.
    Master’s and doctoral students: Shall have earned an average grade score of at least 85 in his or her academic performance in at least one course and an average behavioral conduct score of at least 85.
3. Have not previously received any government-related “Taiwan scholarship”.

🔵 二、申請方式:
(一) 前學期學業成績單(含操行成績)。
(二) 居留證正面。
(三) 學生證正反面(加蓋本校在學證明章)。

Application method:
Applicants who fulfill the above requirements shall complete the relevant online application forms and upload the following documents during the relevant application period:
1. Previous semester’s school grade report or transcript (including the student’s behavioral conduct score)
2. Alien Registration Certificate (front-side copy)
3. Student ID card (both sides; including the school’s stamp attesting to active study)

🟣 三、審核方式:

Method of review: 
The number and amounts of scholarships awarded will be based on funds availability for the given academic year and determined by the International Exchange Committee. Distribution of scholarships will be suspended if no funds are given during the given academic year.

🟡 四:申請時間:
符合上述資格者,請於2022年3月11日(星期五) 下午5:00前,完成線上申請。逾期申請或缺件者,不予受理。

Closing date for application: 11 March 2022, 5:00 p.m

🟢 五、本案承辦人:

Contact person:
International Affairs Center: Mandy Huang(Ext.: 5364,