School of Big Data Places First in Highway Transport Planning Competition

A teacher and four students from Soochow’s School of Big Data Management won top honor in the 2018 Highway Public Transport Planning Competition held by Directorate General of Highways, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC). After eight months of competition and evaluation, the SCU team defeated all other teams with their project “Yilan Regional Tourism and Mass Transportation Integration Platform Design—Environmental Travelling Monopoly Game, and won the championship along with the prize of 200,000 TWD in the division of practical application.

Comprising Professor Ming-Ying Lu and four junior students including Hao-Wei Xu, Ji-Shen Yang, Jun-Wei Wu, and Jia-Hui Chuang, the team was highly complimented by the judges for their research content, creative ideas, and strategic presentation performance. In addition, the SCU team received an invitation after the competition to share their public transport plan with the related businesses, and the Directorate General of Highways will continue to discuss and develop the follow-up plan with the Yilan government and the bus companies, expecting to put student's creative project into practice.

The team utilized what they learned in class by analyzing the structured and unstructured data for operation management and also designing “carbon emission trade coins” for marketing management. The students apply their knowledge to real life, demonstrating their training results in the School of Big Data Management. They not only gained recognition in many aspects, but more importantly achieved the goal of putting knowledge into practical use.

The aim of this competition, which marked its 4th year in 2018, was to inspire student’s creativity in planning public transportation and to promote the integration of public transport and practical measures. After four rounds of preliminary evaluation, the SCU team entered the final with competitors from four other universities. After the assessment by nine officials and experts, Soochow’s team triumphed with their project, and nabbed the first place in the division of practical application.

Established in 2015, SCU’s School of Big Data Management is the first of its kind in the nation which is known for its strict systematic teaching methods and diverse innovation in practical application. Providing students with cooperative education in their senior year has been one of its strong features as the School encourages students to practice through internship in order to become elites in this field.